OAIM brings short term missionaries to Asia, Africa and areas around the USA.

While on the mission field, you will be doing a variety of ministry depending upon the needs of the local churches and the giftings of the missions team. Some of the activities you may be involved in include:

Orphanage Visitation – OAIM has several private orphanages that we visit on our trips.

VBS/ Children’s Ministry – Using games, gospel magic, puppets, as well as illustrated teachings, the OAIM mission team ministers to children throughout the country.

Teaching – Those who are gifted teachers or even those that want to become gifted teachers will have opportunities to share with students in our Bible Training Centers.

Service Projects – Help build a church or make repairs on a pastors home. If you are handy, we can definitely use your skills.

Tribal Ministry – OAIM desires to reach people who have never heard the Gospel of Jesus. In the past, we have visited with tribes in the mountainous areas and shared a meal, our testimony, and just showing them the love of Jesus.

Youth Conferences – Music, drama, and personal testimonies are used to reach the youth in various areas, from shopping malls to slum areas.

House to House Visitation – Going into neighborhoods and villages to personally touch the lives of the people there by visiting them in their homes. The mission team distributes tracts, candy, and Bibles to minister to both adults and children.

Frequently asked questions
- Is it safe to travel to the Philippines and other areas in which OAIM offers short term mission trips?
OAIM goes the extra mile to insure the safety of the short term missionaries. OAIM has ministers in each of the host countries which serve as the “eyes and ears” of the leadership team. We actually team together with local missionaries while in the country. They serve as our guides and give insight to the local areas.
- What does the price of the trip include?
The cost for each trip includes food, lodging, local travel within the base country. You also get a 14 day pre-mission devotional which includes a journal portion for the trip. The only “out of pocket” expense you will incur is spending money for souvenirs and your airfare to the destination. We recommend www.angeltravel.com for your airline reservations. They have consistently provided us with the lowest fares and great service.
- Are all donations tax deductible?
Open Arms International Ministries is registered as a 501 (C) (3) non profit organization, making all donations tax deductible. All contributions however should be made payable to OAIM to receive a tax deduction
- What happens if I cancel my trip?
We certainly understand that various situations can occur that may influence your participation in one of the mission’s trips. There is however certain costs associated with an OAIM short term mission trip. If you cancel prior to the ticketing deadline, a refund will be given minus $200 administrative cost. If you cancel after the ticket has been purchased, the airfare cost is forfeited as well as an administrative fee of $400.
- Is there an age limit?
A young person below the age of 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult relative 18 years old or above.
- Do I have to be in good physical shape?
These trips are not for everyone. These are fast-paced MISSION trips... not a vacation. Participants should be able to hike a mile (on the side of a mountain) and walk 5 miles easily. (We don't always hike up and down mountains etc... but there is always that possibility.)

NOTE: Due to electrical issues (220V and frequent blackouts in the areas where we minister) we are not able to accommodate individuals with medical equipment.

Upon receipt of your application and $400 down payment, OAIM will send you a letter describing some of the fundraising ideas short term missionaries have used in the past. Also included will be a sample support letter for you to personalize and mail to family and friends.
- Call OAIM with any questions (910) 229-4477.

- Fill out the OAIM Short term missions application (pdf)

- Mail the application along with a $400 downpayment.

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