I have been thinking and praying about the upcoming new year and my plans, goals, and dreams. I don’t want to be a reactive pastor. I want to be proactive and intentional.

One of my goals is to plant another church. How this will unfold is still an unknown, but I am prayerful and journaling as Holy Spirit leads. During this time, I came across a book titled -The Multi-Site Church Revolution by Geoff Surratt, Greg Ligon, and Warren Bird.

While the book is about multi-site church planting, there are some “golden nuggets of wisdom”  which could be applied to church planting across the board.

Here is an excerpt from the book which can help church planters nail down a process with regards to the location of future church plants.

While we are identifying and training these key leaders, we are also looking for the right community for a new campus.
We ask three crucial questions in deciding where to locate our next campus:
• Are there people in the area with a connection to our church?
• Is there a need in the community for a church like ours?
• Is the community growing?
Once we have targeted a community for a new campus, we begin to narrow our selection of an exact location.

The Multi-Site Church Revolution by Geoff Surratt, Greg Ligon, and Warren Bird.

As we close out the year, I encourage you to take some time off and allow yourself to dream. Be open to change, remain teachable and remember – With God, all things are possible.

If you feel led to plant a church, but that thought overwhelms you, there many great networks, denominations and church planting coaches that can help you.

Our team is also available to coach pastors and their potential leaders. We will be offering online training called Jumpstart Coaching which will be available during the first part of the year. In the meantime, please connect with me by using the link below.


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