Every once in a while, I find someone who writes or speaks the things that I’m thinking about. And to be honest, I’m thinking and pondering these things and wondering if I’m just being negative. I mean, who wants to be a glass half empty type person?

The word “missional” was something new and fresh a few years back. Many books and articles have were written about being missional both on a personal level as well as corporately. When a word is over-used, it tends to lose meaning, and I find this to be true for the word “missional.”

Everyone and every church tend to think they are “missional.” Even their church programs are geared towards being “missional”. The truth, however, is, its just a word. Your church programs are still just that…programs… sorry.  Let’s not confuse mission and discipleship.

Anyways, here is an article from Mike Breen, which is entitled: Why The Missional Movement Will Fail.

To read the article click here: Mike Breen / Verge

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