Becoming a Christian is a life-altering experience. It marks the start of a new journey in which you accept Jesus into your heart and make Him the center of your life. But becoming a Christian is just the first step on this journey. To become a disciple of Jesus, I recommend you create some new habits. These are disciplines that will help you be more like Jesus.

Study The Bible:

To become a true disciple of Jesus, studying the Bible and understanding its teachings is essential. This means reading it, reflecting on what it says, and applying its teachings to our lives.

Reading the Bible will also help us understand who Jesus is and why He did what He did. In short, studying the Bible is one of the most important things we can do as Christians to become true disciples of Jesus.


Prayer is integral to being a Christian and becoming a true disciple of Jesus. Prayer allows us to connect with God deeper and build our relationship with Him through communication. Not only that, but prayer helps us hear God’s voice more clearly so that we can live our lives according to His will instead of our own desires or preferences.

Attend Church:

Attending Church on Sunday mornings (or any other day) provides an opportunity for fellowship with other believers who share similar beliefs and values as you do. By attending Church regularly, you can learn more about Christianity from pastors and other members who have been on their spiritual journeys for many years. Plus, you’ll get to meet like-minded individuals who can encourage you throughout your journey as well!

Get Baptized:

Baptism is an outward symbol that signifies someone’s commitment to following Jesus wholeheartedly. Being baptized shows others — and yourself — that you are genuinely committed to following Christ no matter what obstacles may come your way.

Serve Others:

Serving others is one way we can follow in Jesus’ footsteps by helping those in need, just as He did during His time here on Earth. Whether it’s serving food at a soup kitchen or visiting those who are sick, there are plenty of ways for Christians to help others in their communities while also spreading the love of Christ along the way!

Follow Jesus’ Example:

Finally, to become a true disciple of Jesus, one must follow His example by living a life centered around love, compassion, and selflessness — just as He did during His time here on Earth. This means showing kindness even when it’s not easy or comfortable, speaking up for those who don’t have voices, putting others before ourselves — both inside and outside the Church -and ultimately using our lives as examples for how others should live theirs too!

Some Closing Thoughts:

Becoming a Christian marks the beginning stages of following Christ’s footsteps — but it’s certainly not where it ends! To be considered an authentic follower — or “disciple” –of Christ requires dedication from each believer towards understanding scripture better through study & prayer; attending Church regularly; getting baptized; serving others; all while striving daily towards exemplifying His example in every area possible!

Doing all these things is not a “must do,” but a true disciple has the attitude that “I get to” — meaning this is done for a deeper reason. These disciplines will help ensure that every believer continues down their path towards spiritual growth & maturity — bringing them ever closer to becoming true… even radical disciples themselves!

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