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JesusThe earliest statement of faith by the New Testament church was simply – “Jesus is Lord” and this is at the heart of what we believe.


The Beginning – We believe there is one God, the Creator of all and God is the personification of pure love and complete power. Because God is love and as such is inherently and ultimately a relational being, we understand the following: God has revealed himself as plurality-in-unity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) Relationship is at the core of all reality and God desires a relationship with all people.


The Bible – We believe the Bible is God’s “love letter” to humanity. Although written through people with the perspective of their own era, culture, and tradition, the Old and New Testaments were inspired by the Holy Spirit.


The Problem – We believe that God created all humanity in His image, regardless of gender, color, social class, or other form of human identity and thus all people are precious. We have all fallen short of God’s ideal for us and are in need of forgiveness and reconciliation with Him.


The Solution – We believe that Jesus is God’s answer to our human need. Through Jesus, God fully revealed His extreme love for humanity and unveiled His plan and purpose to reconcile the world to Himself through the Messiah – Jesus, rather than through a religious system. Through Jesus’ death on the cross, He made it possible for us to find forgiveness in a way that didn’t circumvent God’s justice.


The Heart – The restored relationship with God the Father through Jesus opens the way for the human heart to be changed from the inside out. The Bible teaches that the human heart isn’t changed from the outside-in by things like rules, regulations and harsh accountability. Rather, Jesus taught that the human heart is changed by God working in us and through us. His Spirit, His divine presence and love, is what has the power to transform our lives and free us to live authentic, grace-filled, outward focused lives.


The Church – We believe that the church is made up of people – the followers of Jesus to be more precise - and not a building or denominational institution. Although not an institution, the church is an organism – the living, active body of Jesus carrying on His ministry today. The church is the ultimate tool that God uses to reach out to those lost and alone, to show His love and compassion, and to be peacemakers in a world of brokenness, conflict and war.


The Future – We believe that in the end, God wins. God will make all things right throughout His entire creation and those who are a part of His family will live forever with Him and those who have rejected His love will not. The choice is ours.

 What we believe...