Open Arms International Ministries - Fayetteville, NC (910) 229.4477

A 501(c)3 Organization

Open Arms International Ministries (OAIM) was founded by Jeff and Tonya Hoglen in Saint Pauls, North Carolina. The ministry has had many changes and even a change in overall direction since its inception in March of 2000. The initial goal was to provide free Bibles to anyone in need; Bibles have been sent all over the world including Russia, Afghanistan, and the Philippines. Pastor Jonathan Lumba, Pastor Joel Apas, and Pastor Matthew Amargo, who are now overseers within the OAIM, first connected with OAIM by emailing the ministry and asking for a free Bible. While OAIM is still involved in Bible distribution, this has become just a small portion of the overall mission. 

In 2001, Jeff traveled to the Philippines to minister in his mother's hometown, a small village called Baresbes. Prior to leaving the USA however, a casual meeting was scheduled with some of the ministers that requested Bibles. No one imagined this meeting would turn out to be the catalyst starting a new movement in the Philippines. At the meeting, it was decided that a network of churches would be organized in order to evangelize and disciple the area more effectively. The network started with 3 churches and has since grown to over 25 churches within the Philippines. Mission trips are scheduled twice per year to help our co-laborers in the Philippines.

  Our History

In 2002, churches from various areas around the world were inquiring about joining OAIM. After careful consideration, it was decided to affiliate with churches in Kenya, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, and Pakistan. OAIM fulfills the role of an encourager and equipper in these areas, sending study materials to the senior pastors and helping some start Bible training centers. OAIM serves as an apostolic covering for these ministers and offers them open communication with OAIM leadership.

As of 2007, OAIM has a network of 80+ churches, 11 Bible Colleges, and numerous ministries worldwide. The future plans involve training of new leaders, church planting, and missions mobilization. OAIM has also ventured into the area of micro-finance which helps needy families start businesses. We would like to see this are of ministry expanded in the future. We have seen lives changed and the kingdom of God advanced by giving a "hand up" rather than just a "hand out". Short term missions will always be a big part of OAIM. Please consider joining us for a missions will come home blessed as you go into all the world to be a witness of Jesus.